Beauty FAQ

semi permanent lip colour
What is the Pain Level for semi-permanent procedures?
You will be numbed during each process but every client's tolerance level is personal. 
What should be expected during a client consultation? 
Our artists thrive to give you the desired look within reason. Not every look is the right look for the client hence we want to ensure you that you are in good hands.  Our artists will help you decide the best look for you prior to beginning treatment. Each client is required to complete a client consultation form to better prepare you and the artist prior to procedure. This consultation included health, skin and makeup history of the client. Not every client is a good candidate for semi-permanent makeup hence the consultation form is necessary to ensure that there are no health or skin complications of the client. It is to client's benefit to provide correct information. There will be certain circumstances where a doctor's approval will be necessary prior to beginning treatment. 
What if client is pregnant or nursing? 
We recommend that you refrain from semi-permanent procedures till after. 
What if client has had cold sores/herpes/fever blisters? 
Please notify artists prior to lip blushing procedure. Often the client's physician will prescribe client with antiviral medication prior to procedure. In most cases, the lip blushing procedure will require one session and two touch-ups for it to be effective as it is expected for the medication the interfere with the results. 
What if client is allergic to latex or any metal components? 
Our artists use Nitrile powder-free gloves but we recommend you notify the artist if you are allergic to latex. 
Many pigments contain iron oxide or other metallic salts/oxide materials. Needles contain a small amount of nickel. Most jewelry is made of nickel metal. Please consult with your physician if the semi-permanent procedure is advised. 
What if client is using Retin-A, glycolic or other exfoliating products? 
We ask that you refrain using these products on the area of procedure. 
What if client has had chemical peels or laser treatment in the last six months? 
The skin tends to be more fragile after chemical peels or laser treatment. We recommend you consult with your provider to determine whether we can provide you with cosmetic treatments. 
What if client has Botox/filler injections? 
 If the injection is done prior to the permanent makeup, we ask that you wait an extended time until the area injected has subsided. 
What if client has or is using Accutane for acne treatment?
We recommend that the client wait as a minimum 6 months prior to any cosmetic procedures. Accutane affects the condition and structure of the skin. Physician advice before scheduling a permanent procedure is recommended. 
What if client has keloid or hypertrophic scars? 
We require that you consult with your physician prior to cosmetic procedures. 
What if client is diabetic, has any heart conditions, any autoimmune disorders and any other health complications? 
We require that you consult with your physician prior to cosmetic procedures. 
What if client is undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment?
Unfortunately, we can perform any cosmetic procedures until a clearance from your physician is provided. 
Are there any complications after semi-permanent makeup? 
After-care instructions and ointment will be provided to you by the artist. If the instructions are followed properly and you have notified the artists of any complications and are deemed to be a good candidate, there should not be any complications. However, it is to your discretion to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken prior and before the procedure. If you have any doubts, please refrain from moving forward with the procedure. 

Urge4Beauty Management Team