Three-Day Ombre/Powder BrowsTraining One-one-One

Deposit: $799 | Course Cost: $2499

Kit value $700. Certificate of Completion included.

Unlimited support

First Day:

Second Day:

Third Day:

Step-by-step live demonstration on model
Student to practice on live model. Live model must be provided by student. Live model fee: $200

Two-Day Classic Lash Extensions Training

Deposit: $350 | Course Cost: $999 | Model Fee: $50

Kit & certificate included :

Second Day:
Two live models - hands-on

Each live model fee: $50
This course will be one-on-one with the instructor. Unlimited support after.

Brow Threading & Tinting Training

One day training: $449 | Full unlimited support

Kit & certificate included :

Course Outline:

Practice threading & tinting on live model. Must bring live model. Each live model fee: $25

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